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Information Evolution of forms of money: What is the Bitbon is Crypto worth?

Title :  Evolution of forms of money: What is the Bitbon is Crypto worth?
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Date of publication :   2019-10-10
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Frames Evolution of forms of money: What is the Bitbon is Crypto worth?

Description Evolution of forms of money: What is the Bitbon is Crypto worth?

Evolution of forms of money: What is the Bitbon is Crypto worth?

"You can look down on the money, but we must never lose sight of that."

André Prévost

We know from the history of the school, of course, the market, relations in the first centuries after the need for the exchange of goods. The first barter trade, and the value of the goods is determined by the difficulty of procurement and demand. But in the development of the human society, this method proved to be impractical and pretty.

And, in spite of the occurrence of the first of money in the form of shells, stones, skins of animals, and even the cocoa beans to an early solution to a modern human being seems to be, at the time it was a kind of technological progress. But the way that the money, it is convenient to use only within a particular society, where it was adopted and became ineffective with the emergence of foreign trade.

This problem was solved only in the 7. century B. C., that was when the first coins were created very different from the previous kind of money. The nominal value has been uniquely determined, and the authority of the Central government, which guaranteed the value of the protection from counterfeiting. This approach to the development of the active foreign trade.

It is very convenient, the use of the coins, because they were easy to store, transfer, and gave the opportunity for an exchange of money. It was another big breakthrough, what is the beginning of a new interstate economy. Metal parts proved to be very convenient that we still use today.

"A bank is understood to be a healthy people, a rough approximation of the reality and to your partner."

J. Vringo

The development of trade, the need for continuous transport of a large number of coins over large distances. He was not only dangerous, but the problem is also the considerable weight that the money is transported. A solution will be found, and soon the whole world turned on its head. In this sense, created the first banks, the trader has the money, and instead, the certificates will be issued, with an indication of the amount of the Deposit. The banks made it possible to use certificates instead of cash for payment. This system has become very popular and has a huge impact on the global economy. In the course of time, the certificates that they began to be actively used as money. It was then that the term "value" was coined, which literally means "express-bank".

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."

Thomas Jefferson

"The network of the bank has increased rapidly, the bankers, gained more and more power, but their political and financial activities that do not always serve to the status of the currency and the money also. In addition, your actions will not always coincide with the interests of the ruling elite, has meant that the private bank of the regulation.

"A Central Bank is a bank, the government intervenes in the Affairs of private banks, and that, unlike them, you can print the money they need for themselves."

K. Geppert et K. Pat

In the year 1668 the status of the bank of Sweden, the first was the Central Bank. Their monetary policy tasks, as well as the question of the national currency.

If it is an analogy, we can notice something similar to this today. And the most interesting is that the same reason had the same consequences of the past and of today. The economic development led to the emergence of private banks, the creation of Central banks. The invention of crypto-currencies is also the result of a continuous development and the reason why the attempts of regulation by the States, as well as for the creation of a national crypto-currencies.

"Buy when the whole world is selling, and hold until you buy the whole world. This is not just a slogan. This is the essence of the success of the investment."

Jean Paul Getty

Crypto coins quickly spread in all corners of the world. Now, it is not easy to find someone who has not heard of Bitcoin during the crypto-currency of data mining as well as mining farms have a usual thing. Crypto currencies-has achieved such success and popularity is due to its previously unknown levels of volatility. It is quite normal for Bitcoin change in the price of several thousand dollars in just a few hours. It is not surprising that there is such a function, the chance to invest and profits moved as soon as possible, investors from all over the world.

The fans believe that crypto currencies the money of the future, and, of course, right. Blockchain-based digital currency has a lot of potential. The possibilities of the application of this money in a niche is significantly higher than all similar. The experience with the use of the digital money has already proved successful, while its immense popularity has shown that the economy needs a financial instrument for a very long time.

However, in addition to the advantages of crypto-currencies, a number of night have to rush important. The high volatility is only one of them, and it is rather a sequence, where the first reason is the lack of support is. The crypto-currencies is technically impossible, the work with the status, and are not practically regulated, due to the anonymity of the users. This has led to many cases of financial fraud and then is extremely difficult, measures to ban the use of crypto currencies and ICOs in a number of countries.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest".

Benjamin Franklin

Investment in science and technology has been very popular, every time, and invest in the Blockchain is a real trend of the modern era has. The amount of aid granted for the development of this activity are billions and billions of dollars, and they continue to rise. After Coinmarketcap.com the market capitalization of crypto-currencies is equal to several hundred billion us dollars. The financing will give positive results: the Blockchain is larger, and digital currencies in order to get rid of their disadvantages.

"The private investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator."

Benjamin Graham

After a tremendous tension to which the crypto-currency, investors have a certain amount of experience, and have become more selective in their investments. Projects greater attention to the properties of the technologies at the heart of investment. This is why the investors have lost interest in it, in the hundreds of Bitcoin created clones. Area of activity requires a greater stability of these currencies, and the government has the necessary facilities for the regulation and legal responsibility.

These requirements have led to the emergence of the first crypto assets, including Xaurum and Gold. These financial instruments are subject to a physical resource — gold. In a repository, and users will have a digital confirmation of your right to the ownership of a certain amount of gold. Does not remember anything? Perhaps the first who used the banks, in which the parties were registered, and the Bank notes. The only difference is that the Blockchain technology has allowed us to the impossible certificates on paper to get rid of, and greatly improves the quality of the mutual settlements.

Despite all the advantages of crypto-assets, in connection with their conservation and increase the stability of the exchange rates, regulation remains an important problem. The use of digital money in the economy can be very convenient and cost-effective. But in order to legitimate activities in the legal field, it is necessary not only a flexible and user-friendly legal framework but also a platform for the digital currency on the basis of the updating of the Blockchain.

"The money wisely — the first step in his wisdom."

Leonid Sukhorukov

The emergence of smart contracts that you have marked the next step in the evolution of money. You are the electronics", "algorithm", which are in the same environment as the encryption of instruments. This type of contract can be described as the automatic recording of the conditions of the transaction in the Blockchain. In addition, the scope of application of the smart-contract, the technology not only includes the company: the potential is very large, and multiply by the potential of the Blockchain technology itself.

"There is nothing more criminal and self-destructive, a great idea, and you place it on off."

Donald Trump

Ethereum (developed by Witalik Buterin and launched on 30. July 2015) and was. of the first platforms to provide the capability to create and use contracts Today, many developers and entrepreneurs to use Ethereum as a basis for the construction of their Blockchain and business systems. While many governments try to adjust their legislation by the end of present the latest technologies, corporations in the private sector, from companies.

And therefore, it is important not to lose, in a historic moment, if a cryptographic value of a new financing instrument in the hands of mankind. A "life", self-sufficient and self-regulating ecosystems is necessary to ensure its performance. Ethereum and their younger but equally ambitious competitors, the EOS, can value as a crypto, since this Blockchain systems are capable of much more than the execution of operations. But there is a different platform different from the two above-mentioned, and should be investigated with more depth.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Steve Jobs

The international society Simcord is involved in the scientific research and activities in the field of development and production of high-load blockchain software solutions that are based on, and it was with success during the last 18 years. In March 2018, the company Bitbon System. It is a multi-functional blockchain is based on the platform of the base, is that the Bitbon crypto value. The capabilities of the system are the following: financial transactions, investment funds, thanks to the contributions and the collection of funds for various business projects.

One of the Bitbon features is that it is supported by actual resources. And the most important thing is that any activity within this system is subject to the laws in force in the country where the user is located. This was made possible by the abolition of the anonymity of its users, information about customers, procedures for the verification of the identity. Therefore, all interactions between the users of the system laid down the law be.

"The richness is not in the possession of treasures but in the use for you."

Napoleon Bonaparte

The execution of the transactions between the users and is not the primary task of platforms such as Ethereum, EOS or Bitbon System. Transactions are only a small part of their functions, and their goals are much more global. In the future it will be possible to implement all areas of the company and of the economy on all levels in a global Blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, the records about all the resources available for humanity that can be stored in a uniform state accounting, updating, and monitoring in real-time.

As to be expected, the use of the Blockchain as a book, and crypto was,-values as units for the registration of resources allows you to increase the efficiency of the economy and the industry from 20% to 60%. This applies in particular to the production and distribution of goods, electricity, water and other resources.

There is no doubt that digital currencies are the future, but to be exact, and that the development of the forms of money has shown, the future belongs to multi-functional and very powerful platforms is based on the basic principles of a crypto-value.

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